Digital Business Strategy

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Always-on Digital Innovation

We help companies radically improve their websites, mobile applications and infrastructure to create radical solutions. Which in turn increases productivity, efficiency, while reducing wasted expenditures. We combine a unique approach with our knowledge of human behavior and years of experience to create user-centered designs and applications.

Companies that sense category and customer opportunity and rapidly create solutions that address current and future needs have the means to win in a rapidly changing business environment. We lead clients in the seismic and perpetual shift from a “what can we sell” mentality to one of “what will she need from us and how does it integrate with everything else in her life?”

Yet in the rapidly changing data and technology landscape, companies also must equip the enterprise with the methods, tools, and structure that connect directly with the customer and the technologies that continually change how s/he solves problems and connects to the world.

Data & Artificial Intelligence

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We are on the brink of an age where AI-enabled smart machines, fueled by advances in hardware and deep neural networks will think, act and even make decisions much the way a human would. While today’s oceans of information can often feel overwhelming, it can also be harnessed for business advantage. We help our clients exploit the economics of data through actionable insights that enable deep customer understanding to help you run a profitable, more cost-effective business.

As emerging, cognitive technologies and machine learning transform the world, we help you manage the hype, equipping your enterprise with AI solutions in ways that deliver tangible, breakthrough business results. Clients rely on our robust set of capabilities to leverage these transformative techniques to target, acquire and retain your highest value customers with buyer recommendations that feel clairvoyant.

IT Modernization

IT Transformation, Strategy & Assessment
Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Technology Migration & Managed Support
Custom Development and Systems Integration
Intelligent Platform Build & Implementation
Cognitive Experiences & Data Analytics

Building software faster isn’t enough. Reacting to customers in real time may be good enough today. But in the future, IT leaders will need deep insights and advanced algorithms to help solve problems before their customers are even aware of them. And while a platform implementation may be a good first step, to compete in the 21st century, you’ll need a level of intelligence that predicts customer needs with laser-beam precision.

Our long heritage in building web and cloud native technologies enables you to respond to your internal marketing and business customer needs faster than competitors. We do this by harnessing data science and artificial intelligence to help you anticipate buyers’ needs in a seamless and intelligent way. Our experience helps you remove roadblocks to become formidable competitors through deep industry knowledge, agile and iterative approaches, proprietary intellectual property and bimodal development processes and capabilities.

Marketing Modernization

Real-time marketing platforms
Marketing Transformation Strategies
Creative Campaign Design & Content Development
Marketing Science & Performance Optimization
Customer Engagement, Digital, CRM, & Loyalty Programs

In a digitally connected economy, marketers have more methods, tools, and techniques than ever to compete. Driven by the rise of mobile, social, and cloud, connectivity is enabling a blended experience where marketing strategies no longer emanate from distinct digital-physical camps.

This also has give rise to innovations and service evolution, customers that expect brands to inspire them in ways beyond their imaginations. It’s a “swipe left” era, where customers expect marketers to be clairvoyant. It becomes the right marketing at the right time. It leverages tools that include everything from content distribution, marketing science, dynamic creativity and participatory experiences to systematize performance optimization. We equip marketers with all of this, and more, to deliver a data-driven experience, optimized in the moment to convert one-way monologue to two-way dialogue and mutual customer value.

Customer Experience

Strategy & Digital Product Innovation
Mobile Design & Front-End Development
Physical/Retail Experience Design
Content & Customer Service Technology Platforms
Experience Strategy Innovation

Since the term ‘experience economy’ entered the business lexicon decades ago, the world has changed dramatically. In some ways, the argument is won. Both customers and leaders agree that experience matters. In today’s world, opportunities to enhance the customer experience emerge daily as the digital ecosystem offers people instant access to information and an expanding range of products and services.

But, the plethora of new choices can leave organizations paralyzed. To thrive in a new world, companies are realizing they have to simplify the experience and the underlying organization necessary to deliver it. Competing in a new world economy requires meaning, value, and purpose with every touch point. Through the customer’s craving for simplicity, we help you cut through complexity to deliver frictionless experiences.


Commerce Strategy
Commerce & CMS Platforms
Commerce UX & Content
Commerce Managed Services

Disruptive technologies have fundamentally transformed commerce, shifting power and influence from sellers to buyers. As a result, empowered consumers and eroding silos have fundamentally altered the commerce landscape forever. Because of this, business leaders need a modern commerce framework to capture their customers’ hearts, minds and wallets to lead the competition in a new world economy that is continuously evolving.

Clients depend on us to help them attain their business objectives through strategies that reinvent and digitize their commerce and retail channels to drive revenue and efficiencies through.

Workshop and Assessment, Omni-channel Strategy Development. Commerce execution​. UX and Content Design for Commerce, E-Commerce, CMS, OMS and PIM Platform Implementations, Including SAP Hybris, IBM Cognitive Commerce, Oracle Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe AEM and Sitecore Commerce management.

Digital Business Transformation

New digital business models are ushering in unprecedented opportunities for fresh sources of value for both companies and the customers they serve. New ideas and technology are rewarding those organizations willing to rethink how they work, how they’re structured, and how they actually help in the day to day, with becoming the beloved brands in people’s lives.

We believe you can use this kind of disruption to your advantage — whether you want to defend your company against the competition or changes you’re experiencing in the marketplace. Or you’re pushing to differentiate your product or service with consumers through innovations and ways of working. Or if you’re boldly looking to challenge and disrupt the market.

We partner with our clients on their transformation journey to help them rethink their way forward, leverage technology to address bottom line challenges and top line growth simultaneously and focus on a new world way of doing business.

Connected Digital Enterprise

In a world where the digitally-native are consistently challenging the status quo, the threat from agile competitors will only accelerate. This creates an imperative that all things — data, customers, digital platforms, solutions, processes, partners, and organizational silos — are interconnected inside and out.

It’s why the term “Disrupt Yourself” has become the battle cry in boardrooms all over the globe as connected enterprises exploit new sources of growth and efficient ways to provide them.

Strategies are rendered moot absent of the practical ability to implement at the speed of the consumer. Agile, sprint-based cycles of think > make > learn ¬— to then inform fresh thinking — are foundational in the new world economy. Waterfall approaches are replaced by iterative testing, command-and-control decision-making gives way to the empowerment of many, and the incremental rollout (versus big-bang roll out) of evolutionary progress becomes part of the organization’s culture.